Skylords Reborn - Official Trailer02:36

Skylords Reborn - Official Trailer

What is Skylords Reborn?

BattleForge was a real-time strategy trading card game available only on PC platform. It was developed by EA Phenomic and published by Electronic Arts. It was released on Windows in March 2009. A demo was also released in the same month. BattleForge was an online game that contained elements of both real-time strategy (RTS) and trading-card game (TCG) genres. The game's servers were shut down on the 31st of October 2013 at midnight (UTC).

As of February 10, 2017 the US based company Ardent Peak received permission from EA to revive the game and continue development and promotion. So under the name Skylords Reborn we venture forward.

Why did EA close down Battleforge? We have an exclusive interview with one of the ex-software engineers TheBlackOne here.

Have some questions about Skylords Reborn? check out the FAQ here.

Join the Skylords Reborn Community today! click here to go to the Skylords Reborn forums.

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Other Pages

| Basics | Cards & Decks | Power | Monuments & Orbs | Abbreviations | Player versus Environment (PvE) |

| Player versus Player (PvP) | Economy | General Lore | Faction Lore | News & Updates |

Project Community

Project Administrators - Blank, Insanehawk and MrXLink.

Alpha and Beta Testers - Ladadoos, Ultrakool, anonyme0273, Ilsyde, LagOps, ndclub, Treim, Kaliber84, Sykole, Menchrese, Dawn, Eirias, RayG, Machutan, JoseAlmeida, WotdeFack, Darian DelFord and Lidde.

Closed Beta Testers - There is a total of 93 Closed Beta testers, this includes the 18 Alpha testers and 12 staff members. Giveaways happen through the projects social media sites, forums and twitch that allow members the chance of getting into Closed Beta.

Community Manager - MrXLink.

Developers - Bolrader, fiki574, Inwutsch and Lord NullPointer

Tool Developer - bobfrog

Moderators - Dexirian, DragonOfTime, Kiwi and MephistoRoss

Total Members - 11,156 on the 18th June 2017. (Hit 10,000 on 18th February 2017)

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